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Stew Milne is a professional freelance photographer based in Providence, RI. His client list includes the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe and AP Images. His photos have appeared in publications around the world from Newsweek to Sports Illustrated. With over 17 years experience, Stew is available to shoot on tight deadlines and from remote locations. Besides editorial clients Stew Milne shoots for commercial and educational clients, such as Bryant and Brown Universities. Stew Milne specializes in getting businesses’ messages across to their customers. First impressions are important.

Moffett Mill in Lincoln, RI


My search for beautiful scenics of Rhode Island during fall foliage season was interrupted for a few days as a Nor’easter blew through. What it also did was blow most of the leaves off the trees. One good thing is that now the rivers have a better flow and waterfalls and dams look better.

It took me a while to find this mill. It’s Moffett Mill, circa 1812, on the Moshassuck River in Lincoln, RI. I had been here about 10 years ago on an AP assignment with Rep. Patrick Kennedy. We got to go inside the mill. I don’t remember what the assignment was about, but the mill is really cool. Moffett Mill, located on Great Road, is believed to be the first machine shop constructed in Rhode Island.

Horseshoe Falls, Shannock Village, RI


After an early morning assignment in Wakefield, RI, I asked my subject about the local area and what was scenic. He told me some nice spots in Charlestown that he saw while riding his bicycle. On my way to check those out, I ran across Horseshoe Falls in Shannock Village, RI. The falls are on the Pawcatuck River and used to be the sight of an old mill.


After Horseshoe Falls, I ventured onto North Rd, heading north. There was some scenic photos there, which I’ll add to another post, but the one above is from Beaver River Rd. My subject today told me there was about a 1/4 mile of tree canopy. I was hoping the trees were changing color, but these ones still haven’t. I’ll be back when they do though. If you look close, you will see a bunch of greenish tubing going from tree to tree. Those are for maple syrup season. The trees are tapped and when they “bleed” their sap, it’s collected in the tubes.

Pontiac Mills – Pawtuxet River


Since it’s fall in New England, I’m always out looking for create scenics of the changing foliage. Trees are beautiful when they turn, but if I can add an element of architecture, all the better. In Rhode Island, we have lots of old mills along the rivers. Above is part of Pontiac Mills, a historic textile mill complex on Knight Street (named after Robert Knight and Benjamin Knight), which was built beginning in 1863 along the Pawtuxet River in Warwick, RI. The mills produced uniforms for Union soldiers during the American Civil War. In 1920 Webster Knight sold Fruit of the Loom and the Pontiac Mills. The mills were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Above is only s small portion of the mills.


Above is a view showing more of the mill. On the left Nylo hotels has renovated part of the mill back in 2007. Along with hotel rooms there is also a restaurant, Loft, which offers nice views of the river.

Rhode Island’s only public covered bridge


Pictured above is the Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge, Rhode Island’s only “public” covered bridge. I was surprised to find out that Rhode Island only had one bridge, while other states in New England have up to 100 of the beautiful structures. After determining where it is located, off Route 6 and Route 94 in Foster, I went out to photograph it with some fall color. It’s not as rural as you would think. There are a a couple of houses right next door to it, with power lines running down the street. It’s hard to get a nice photo of the bridge without modern technology in the frame.

I was pleased with what I came back with and was editing and processing the files so I could post on the blog. I wanted to find out a little more info about the bridge. It turns out that it is a replica of an early 19th-century structure and was built by volunteers back in 1994. The timber was logged from nearby forests and the 40-foot-long bridge straddles Hemlock Brook. They went as far as putting up a Rates of Toll sign to make it look authentic. toll

Fall in New England

Burnside_House_smallAfter a shoot for Brown University, I stopped by the historic mile long Benefit Street in Providence, RI to see how the foliage looked. The fall colors looked great, but there were too many cars parked on the street. Sunday morning is best to shoot this street. I didn’t go away empty-handed though. Above is the Burnside House.

The was built for General Ambrose Everett Burnside in 1866. Burnside was a prominent rifle manufacturer before the Civil War. His company, Burnside Rifle Company, was one of the most respected arms manufacturers of the 19th century. When war broke out, Burnside severed all ties with his company in order to command the Rhode Island Volunteers. He became famous not for his war exploits, but for his facial hair. He grew his sideboards until they connected with his mustache and this style has ever since been called “burnsides.”



The above photo is the Roger Williams National Memorial in downtown Providence, RI. The memorial commemorates the life of the founder of Rhode Island and a champion of the ideal of religious freedom. Williams, banished from Massachusetts for his beliefs, founded Providence in 1636.

Just a little trivia for you. Rhode Island technically has the longest state name: Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Random Images I found in Rhode Island today

Business skater

Business man takes a skate during his lunch break in downtown Providence, RI.

So after a routine assignment for one of my clients, I dropped off a CD of the images to their offices. While walking back to my car I saw this guys skating on the ice rink in downtown Providence, RI, in full suit and tie. He noticed me after a few laps and waved.

business skater

Business man skates alone during his lunch break in downtown Providence, RI.

The business man was a pretty good skater. He was the only one on the ice and watching him just made me smile.

1963 MG

An original 1963 MGB convertible sitting outside Moses Brown.

And then onto my next random sighting in Rhode Island. I was delivering a DVD of images to Brown University and I saw this 1963 MGB convertible parked outside the gates of Moses Brown school. It brought back fond memories of my dad’s 1966 MGB GT hatchback that I learned to drive a manual on. Same color too. I got to drive it for a few years before it fell apart due to rust. The engine was great, but too many winters in Montreal took it’s tole on the body. What a fun car to drive.


X-Factor auditions in Providence: more from day #1

L.A. Reid arrives.

L.A. arrives in the back entrance as contestants watch in the background.

After the first arrival through the crowd into the front of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, the judges arrived for each day’s sessions through the back. This is also where the contestants were staged prior to performing.

Demi Lovato gets interviewed

As the judges arrived a production crew conducted a brief interview with them.

For continuity, the judges wore the same outfit for the three days they were in Providence. I’m really hoping they were washed every night, or they had multiply sets.

Simon Cowell arrives via scooter

Simon Cowell drove from the hotel to the arena on a scooter with a police escort

Simon arrived in style this day. It was a real short ride from the hotel to the arena. They two are literally linked by a skybridge. Notice how the police officers are wearing rain gear. The Providence auditions were in late June. These officers were unbelievably hot in the gear. At one point a production editor told them it was okay to get out of the rain gear. It took them about 5 minutes to get it all off. At this point they were asked to put it all back on again to escort another judge.

Cell phone pix

A fan takes photos with a cell phone as the judges arrive into the arena.

The audience was encouraged to take photos during the judge introductions and tweet them. After that, all cell phones had to be put away to the taping of the actual show.

X Factor contestant talking to the mirror

Backstage as a contestant talks to the mirror and makes gestures.

The contestant holding area had two parts. One was full of mirrors and chairs were they would sit and talk with their friends or family that they had brought along.  The other spot was right off stage where the contestants did their final preparations.

Britney Spears

Britney covered her ears as the audience’s cheers were insanely loud.

The audience went nuts when Demi and Britney were introduced. So much that Britney would put her fingers in her ears and wince.

XFactor contestant

This contestant wowed the judges and the audience with his voice and moves.


This contestant looked too much like a Britney wannabe.

Four yesses

Acknowledging the crowd and judges after receiving a yes to go onto the next round.

This guy did a fantastic job. Then after making in to the next round he went backstage to hug his son.


Then backstage he received the biggest hug from his son.

Odd couple

Crush Route was a strange performance. They wer given a second chance, but Simon Cowell wanted the guy to go buy a wig and come back the next day and perform.

In the next post I’ll do a side-by-side of this couple, with and without the wig.

Demi Lovato hugs again

Demi gives another hug to a contestant.

Above is the same contestant who was making gestures in the mirror. After getting a hug from Demi, he took the opportunity to hug Britney and shake hands with Simon and L.A. Smart move.


Moments before going onstage

This is one of my favorite shots from this day. She went on to perform well and make it to the next round.

waiting for the X-Factor judges

Members of the audience wait for the judges to come back after a break.

The judges would take breaks every 5 contestants to go back to their rooms. I don’t know what they did there, but when they came back audience members would try to get autographs and photos as they walked in from a side entrance.


The moment you find out you just made it to the next round.

I’ll finish this post with another happy moment. These guys were given a second chance and made the most of it. Onto the next round you go.

X-Factor Providence Auditions — Day #1, the arrivals

X-Factor Providence auditions

X-Factor fans hold up signs as they wait for the judges to arrive in Providence, RI.


So my work on the MTV show The Pauly D Project lead to being called by FOX to shoot the X-Factor auditions in Providence. The auditions were held over three days in June, with two sessions held each day. For this post, I’m just going to show some of the arrivals of the judges and the introductions of the judges to the audience inside the arena.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi fans

Fans of Demi Lovato cheer for her while waiting her arrival at the Providence, RI auditions of the X-Factor

There was huge crowd gathered outside the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in downtown Providence, waiting for the chance to get a glimpse of the judges.


X-Factor Providence auditions

X-Factor judge L.A. Reid stops for photos as he arrives in Providence, RI.

L.A. Reid arrived first. I was restricted to an area with the rest of the media to shoot the arrivals. Originally I was allowed to be in the path from the limo to the door, but the production crew wanted as few as people as possible in the area.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi Lovato

X-Factor judge Demi Lovato poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

I shot this wide to show the X-Factor sign above and to show the crowd. At this point near the door, they didn’t allow many people.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi Lovato

X-Factor judge Demi Lovato poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

The cell phone papparazzi were out.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi Lovato

X-Factor judge Demi Lovato poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

At this point Demi was posing for the other FOX photographer, before stepping inside the arena.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi Lovato

X-Factor judge Demi Lovato poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

A full body shot to show the outfit. The judges wore the same outfit over the three days of auditions in Providence for continuity sake.

X-Factor Providence auditions. - Britney Spears

X-Factor judge Britney Spears poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

The biggest cheers from the crowd were for Britney Spears. I shot this wide to show the X-Factor signage as well. I’m not sure what the girl behind Britney is looking at.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Britney Spears

X-Factor judge Britney Spears poses for the media as she arrives for the auditions in Providence, RI.

This photo made my laugh. The expression on the older lady’s face is precious. I could tell she didn’t care for Britney.  Simon Cowell did not arrive through the front with the rest of the judges.

X-Factor Providence auditions - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato points to someone in the audience during the introductions of the X-Factor judges in Providence.

On the inside of the arena the judges were introduced after a lengthy video to ear splitting screams.

X-Factor Providence auditions

X-Factor judges L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato during introductions of the judges.

L.A. Reid points out a sign to Demi.

X-Factor Providence auditions

The X-Factor judges talk to the audience before the taping of a show in Providence.

All four judges on stage prior to the first session starting. They talked to the crowd a little. During this portion the audience was encouraged to take photos with their cell phones and tweet the photos.

X-Factor Providence auditions

FOX photographer Ray Mickshaw takes a photo of the judges prior to the show starting.

I’ll end this post with a shot of FOX photographer Ray Mickshaw. He shot all the contestants and the judges from the front, right next to the stage.

On the next post, I’ll add some photos of the backstage area. Thanks for looking.

The Pauly D Project: Unaired scenes from Newport, RI.

Pauly D and his mother get pedicures at a spa in Newport, RI.

In mid-December Pauly and his mother Donna had a day out in Newport. They started at
Wave Lengths Salon & Spa for a pedi/manicure.

Pauly D receives a manicure at a spa in Newport, RI.

After the pedicure, Pauly and Donna enjoyed a relaxing manicure with many laughs.


Pauly and his mother get manicures.

Notice the black thing on the camera person’s right hip? That’s a cool gadget that connects to the belt that flips out and you can rest the camera on it for a hip level angle.

The 495 Productions crew capture every angle.

Besides the large HDTV video cameras that the crew uses (left) some of the producers also shoot on smaller cameras to get a different angle or to roll while the second camera has to change batteries or storage media.

Pauly poses for a photos with the spa owner and staff.

After the pedi/manicures Pauly posed for a photo with the spa owner and staff.

Outside the spa a random fan asked for an autograph.

As Pauly and Donna were leaving the spa, this guy ran up to get an autograph. If you know Newport, RI, this is the parking lot across from the Tennis Hall of Fame and Casino.

Pauly and his mother walk through the wharfs of Newport.

As you can see the cameraman is pretty close to Pauly and Donna. He has to walk backwards to get this shot. Luckily he has a handler that watches out for him and guide him around obstacles. In the background to the left is a 495 Productions producer.

Pauly and his mother do a little shopping.

It was winter time, so not many people were in Newport.

Pauly and Donna stop into a skin care store.

Pauly and Donna stop into this skin care store to look around. The guy working there obviously had a sales pitch he uses on everyone. He had them soak their hands in some solution and try some rubs on their skin.  I’m sure Pauly didn’t want to mess up the manicure he just received, but he played along anyway. He also bought some of the product.

Pauly and Donna walk the wharfs of Newport.

The production crew never knows which was the talent is going to turn. In this photo you can see Sheonna Mix (background) hoping not to show up in the background of the shot. She avoided being in the video, but I managed to get her in my shot. I like how she’s trying to blend in.

Changing a battery on the fly.

While following Pauly and Donna this assistant changed out the battery of the camera women while walking. The gallery in the background is of Onne van der Wal, famous sailing photographer.

Passing by a famous sculpture.

On their way to a late lunch, Pauly and Donna, followed by the production crew pass “The Wave” sculpture by Kay Worden. The feet are still shiny, because everyone rubs them.


Pauly and Donna ate at The Red Parrot on Thames St. in Newport. At the end of the meal, Pauly signed a few shirts for the owner.

Saying good-bye to Mom.

After driving back up to the Providence area, Pauly said good night to his Mom. There’s still more shooting from this day, but I’ll save that for another post. All photos © Stew Milne 2011.

The Pauly D Project: More from the season finale

Going back to high school

Pauly D and his publicist Amanda Ruisi arrive at Johnston High School to meet Mr. Russo. (Photo/Stew Milne)

Here are few more photos from the season finale of The Pauly D Project. I had planned on posting some images from some of the shoots in Newport, but that will wait to til another day.

walking the halls

Pauly D and his publicist Amanda Ruisi walk the halls of Johnston High School to meet Mr. Russo, Pauly’s former biology teacher. (Photo/Stew Milne)

Pauly and Amanda arrive at Pauly’s former high school in Johnston, RI to meet his old biology teacher Mr. Russo.

Road 2 Success

Pauly D sits in his old seat in Mr. Russo biology class at Johnston High School. (Photo/Stew Milne)

So Pauly sat in his old seat in Mr. Russo’s biology class. I particularly like the “Road 2 Success” on the wall in the background.

Pauly and Mr. Russo

Pauly D and Mr. Russo pose for a photo in Johnston High School. (Photo/Stew Milne)

Mr. Russo thought it would be fun for Pauly D to show up at the Winter Bash to surprise the kids at his former high school.


Pauly D finds his old locker in Johnston High School. (Photo/Stew Milne)

so after chatting with Mr. Russo, Pauly and Amanda and Mr. Russo toured the school, where Pauly came across his old locker.

PD was here

Pauly D writes a note on his old locker at Johnston High School. (Photo/Stew Milne)

Pauly left a little note on the locker. I believe it said “I was here, PD”


Pauly D looks over some promotional posters at his home in Johnston, RI. (Photo/Stew Milne)

After touring the high school, Pauly and Amanda went back to Pauly’s house to go over some business.

time to eat

Ryan, Pauly, Jerry and Biggie eat and drink at a local restaurant in Providence, RI. (Photo/Stew Milne)

Then Pauly met the boys out to tell them the big news on how he was going to surprise his old school by guest deejaying at their winter bash.

So, next time, I’ll get some pix up from Pauly’s day out with his mother in Newport.