X-Factor auditions in Providence: more from day #1

L.A. Reid arrives.

L.A. arrives in the back entrance as contestants watch in the background.

After the first arrival through the crowd into the front of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, the judges arrived for each day’s sessions through the back. This is also where the contestants were staged prior to performing.

Demi Lovato gets interviewed

As the judges arrived a production crew conducted a brief interview with them.

For continuity, the judges wore the same outfit for the three days they were in Providence. I’m really hoping they were washed every night, or they had multiply sets.

Simon Cowell arrives via scooter

Simon Cowell drove from the hotel to the arena on a scooter with a police escort

Simon arrived in style this day. It was a real short ride from the hotel to the arena. They two are literally linked by a skybridge. Notice how the police officers are wearing rain gear. The Providence auditions were in late June. These officers were unbelievably hot in the gear. At one point a production editor told them it was okay to get out of the rain gear. It took them about 5 minutes to get it all off. At this point they were asked to put it all back on again to escort another judge.

Cell phone pix

A fan takes photos with a cell phone as the judges arrive into the arena.

The audience was encouraged to take photos during the judge introductions and tweet them. After that, all cell phones had to be put away to the taping of the actual show.

X Factor contestant talking to the mirror

Backstage as a contestant talks to the mirror and makes gestures.

The contestant holding area had two parts. One was full of mirrors and chairs were they would sit and talk with their friends or family that they had brought along.  The other spot was right off stage where the contestants did their final preparations.

Britney Spears

Britney covered her ears as the audience’s cheers were insanely loud.

The audience went nuts when Demi and Britney were introduced. So much that Britney would put her fingers in her ears and wince.

XFactor contestant

This contestant wowed the judges and the audience with his voice and moves.


This contestant looked too much like a Britney wannabe.

Four yesses

Acknowledging the crowd and judges after receiving a yes to go onto the next round.

This guy did a fantastic job. Then after making in to the next round he went backstage to hug his son.


Then backstage he received the biggest hug from his son.

Odd couple

Crush Route was a strange performance. They wer given a second chance, but Simon Cowell wanted the guy to go buy a wig and come back the next day and perform.

In the next post I’ll do a side-by-side of this couple, with and without the wig.

Demi Lovato hugs again

Demi gives another hug to a contestant.

Above is the same contestant who was making gestures in the mirror. After getting a hug from Demi, he took the opportunity to hug Britney and shake hands with Simon and L.A. Smart move.


Moments before going onstage

This is one of my favorite shots from this day. She went on to perform well and make it to the next round.

waiting for the X-Factor judges

Members of the audience wait for the judges to come back after a break.

The judges would take breaks every 5 contestants to go back to their rooms. I don’t know what they did there, but when they came back audience members would try to get autographs and photos as they walked in from a side entrance.


The moment you find out you just made it to the next round.

I’ll finish this post with another happy moment. These guys were given a second chance and made the most of it. Onto the next round you go.