The Pauly D Project: Unaired scenes from Newport, RI.

Pauly D and his mother get pedicures at a spa in Newport, RI.

In mid-December Pauly and his mother Donna had a day out in Newport. They started at
Wave Lengths Salon & Spa for a pedi/manicure.

Pauly D receives a manicure at a spa in Newport, RI.

After the pedicure, Pauly and Donna enjoyed a relaxing manicure with many laughs.


Pauly and his mother get manicures.

Notice the black thing on the camera person’s right hip? That’s a cool gadget that connects to the belt that flips out and you can rest the camera on it for a hip level angle.

The 495 Productions crew capture every angle.

Besides the large HDTV video cameras that the crew uses (left) some of the producers also shoot on smaller cameras to get a different angle or to roll while the second camera has to change batteries or storage media.

Pauly poses for a photos with the spa owner and staff.

After the pedi/manicures Pauly posed for a photo with the spa owner and staff.

Outside the spa a random fan asked for an autograph.

As Pauly and Donna were leaving the spa, this guy ran up to get an autograph. If you know Newport, RI, this is the parking lot across from the Tennis Hall of Fame and Casino.

Pauly and his mother walk through the wharfs of Newport.

As you can see the cameraman is pretty close to Pauly and Donna. He has to walk backwards to get this shot. Luckily he has a handler that watches out for him and guide him around obstacles. In the background to the left is a 495 Productions producer.

Pauly and his mother do a little shopping.

It was winter time, so not many people were in Newport.

Pauly and Donna stop into a skin care store.

Pauly and Donna stop into this skin care store to look around. The guy working there obviously had a sales pitch he uses on everyone. He had them soak their hands in some solution and try some rubs on their skin.  I’m sure Pauly didn’t want to mess up the manicure he just received, but he played along anyway. He also bought some of the product.

Pauly and Donna walk the wharfs of Newport.

The production crew never knows which was the talent is going to turn. In this photo you can see Sheonna Mix (background) hoping not to show up in the background of the shot. She avoided being in the video, but I managed to get her in my shot. I like how she’s trying to blend in.

Changing a battery on the fly.

While following Pauly and Donna this assistant changed out the battery of the camera women while walking. The gallery in the background is of Onne van der Wal, famous sailing photographer.

Passing by a famous sculpture.

On their way to a late lunch, Pauly and Donna, followed by the production crew pass “The Wave” sculpture by Kay Worden. The feet are still shiny, because everyone rubs them.


Pauly and Donna ate at The Red Parrot on Thames St. in Newport. At the end of the meal, Pauly signed a few shirts for the owner.

Saying good-bye to Mom.

After driving back up to the Providence area, Pauly said good night to his Mom. There’s still more shooting from this day, but I’ll save that for another post. All photos © Stew Milne 2011.

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