Pontiac Mills – Pawtuxet River


Since it’s fall in New England, I’m always out looking for create scenics of the changing foliage. Trees are beautiful when they turn, but if I can add an element of architecture, all the better. In Rhode Island, we have lots of old mills along the rivers. Above is part of Pontiac Mills, a historic textile mill complex on Knight Street (named after Robert Knight and Benjamin Knight), which was built beginning in 1863 along the Pawtuxet River in Warwick, RI. The mills produced uniforms for Union soldiers during the American Civil War. In 1920 Webster Knight sold Fruit of the Loom and the Pontiac Mills. The mills were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Above is only s small portion of the mills.


Above is a view showing more of the mill. On the left Nylo hotels has renovated part of the mill back in 2007. Along with hotel rooms there is also a restaurant, Loft, which offers nice views of the river.