Fall in New England

Burnside_House_smallAfter a shoot for Brown University, I stopped by the historic mile long Benefit Street in Providence, RI to see how the foliage looked. The fall colors looked great, but there were too many cars parked on the street. Sunday morning is best to shoot this street. I didn’t go away empty-handed though. Above is the Burnside House.

The was built for General Ambrose Everett Burnside in 1866. Burnside was a prominent rifle manufacturer before the Civil War. His company, Burnside Rifle Company, was one of the most respected arms manufacturers of the 19th century. When war broke out, Burnside severed all ties with his company in order to command the Rhode Island Volunteers. He became famous not for his war exploits, but for his facial hair. He grew his sideboards until they connected with his mustache and this style has ever since been called “burnsides.”



The above photo is the Roger Williams National Memorial in downtown Providence, RI. The memorial commemorates the life of the founder of Rhode Island and a champion of the ideal of religious freedom. Williams, banished from Massachusetts for his beliefs, founded Providence in 1636.

Just a little trivia for you. Rhode Island technically has the longest state name: Rhode Island and Providence Plantations